Freebie Friday- Santa Parcels

Christmas time is almost here and it seems to be the time that we all frantically look for affordable gifts, decorations and people who design Letters from Santa.

This year a new business was founded that provided a FREE Digital Parcel Package from Santa for your printing convenience. Que Santa Parcels.

Santa Parcels is an online business that was founded this month with the sole purpose of providing a Digital Parcel Package absolutely FREE! The Digital Parcel Package contains lots of goodies to print for your Children. The Digital Parcel Package contains:
– Letter From Santa
– Certificate of Niceness
– Sticker Designs
– Gift Tags
– Activity Page
– Santa Please Stop Here Door Sign

The Santa Parcels are designed to acknowledge and encourage your Child’s behavior and Achievements throughout the year by giving them a gift from Santa himself.

Santa Parcels can be ordered at and the designs can be found at


Rainy Day Inspiration

Just because the weather may be wet and miserable looking, doesn’t mean you have to be too. This gorgeous inspiration may just point you in the right direction for a simple and warm outfit to help you stand out and still stay stylish.

Stylish Trench Coat for Women RRP: $71.61
Source: Nasty Dress

shopping (2)
Black High Waisted Leggings RRP: $20.00
Source: River Island

shopping (4)
Women’s Rain boot with Bow Knot RRP: $23.53
Source: Sammy Dress

Transparent Fashion Umbrella RRP: $18.08
Source: Bang Good

Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book RRP: $21.29
Source: Book Depository


But First Coffee Travel Coffee Mug RRP: $35.00
Source: Cafe Press

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? What inspiration would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

My Daily Beauty Routine

As a female, one of the hardest things to come across is the perfect make-up brands to suit your skin and look. I started wearing make-up at the age of 16 and now at 23, i’ve found the products i keep going back to and claiming them as favorites. All of these listed products are available Australia Wide and can even be tested at most of your local Big W, Target, Kmart, Woolworths & Priceline stores before purchasing.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse: Classic Ivory Light
This foundation is one of my all time favorites. After years of using oil based foundations and having them affect my skin with breakouts, i decided to ditch liquid foundations altogether. I came across Maybellines DREAM MATTE Mousse and after the first attempt of using it, i have never looked back or changed my foundation product again.

I personally use the Classic Ivory Light 2 color as i have very pale skin. The foundation is applied easily using my hands and has a fluffy texture and sticks to my skin well. After using this product, my skin has stayed clear and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new foundation product. This particular product can be found at Target, Big W, Woolworths, Kmart and Priceline stores around Australia.
Source: Priceline

Face of Australia HD High Definition Stick Foundation
After i apply my Mousse Foundation, i like to use the HD High Definition Foundation Stick by Face of Australia. I use this as a concealer to cover the bags under my eyes, my pores and to shape my face. The HD stick lives up to its name and gives your face a high definition photo ready look.
Source: Face of Australia

BYS Rotational Eyshadow Palette
Once my foundation & concealer are applied, i then like to work on my eyes. I use the BYS Rotational Eyshadow Palette and like to stick with purples and browns to bring out my eyes as they are hazel in color. I mostly like to use purple as it is dark and defines my eyes better.

Firstly, i use the dark purple in the crease of my eye to shape it and bring my eyelids forward. The middle shade of purple is then used on my lid and after applied, the light almost white purple is added over the top as a shimmer and added to the corners of my eyes and under my eyebrows.
Source: Fashion Addict

Rimmell Scandal Eyes Mascara

When i first discovered make-up at the age of 16, i wasn’t a big fan of mascara. Instead i would use my eyeliner to define the lashes on my eyes by coloring under my eyelid at the top and bottom. After i turned 22, i found Rimmells Scandal Eyes Mascara, and again have never looked back.

This Mascara defines your eyelashes and makes them look dark, long and thick. My eyelashes are naturally short and light so this product definitely does its job by elongating my eyelashes. I apply this to my upper and lower lashes for a better effect.
Source: Rimmell London

Maybelline Master Liner

The best kind of eyeliners are the twist pencils. Before i started using Maybelline Master Liner, i had a cheap pencil liner that had a plastic lid. The issue with using the pencils that have lids is the eyeliner gets crushed, smudged and blunt when constantly taking off and putting back on the lid. The twist pencils however, have a lid but twist right down back into themselves to protect the shape of the end of the eyeliner and i love the idea!

When applying this eyeliner, i close my eyes and draw a line across the top of my lid closest to my lashes. This makes my eyes look somewhat smokey and bigger. Then i add it to the bottom of my eyelid and my eye make-up then helps with making my eyes bigger and more awake.
Source: Maybelline

Sugar Baby Ticket to Beauty Bronzer Palette
I was given a Bronzer Palette for Christmas last year called Sugar Baby. I like to use the blushes in the palette to define my cheekbones as they are the perfect color to go with my make-up and skin tone. I have only recently discovered blush and wish i had of discovered it earlier as it thins out my face and gives it color.
Source: Sugar Baby

And that is my daily Beauty Routine. My night routine involves lots of moisuriser and spot medics but that is for another blog post.

What are your favorite Beauty Products? Are they available Australia Wide? Please leave your comments in the section below. 

20 DIY Home Business Ideas

Are you a Stay at Home Mum who needs something to keep her occupied whilst bub naps? Maybe you are retired and want to earn a little extra $$ on the side.

I have taken the liberty to source 20 of my favorite home business ideas to bring you inspiration and hopefully your very own small home business or hobby.

1. Glitter Glasses
Glitter Glasses are becoming more and more popular in our century, especially as gift ideas for events including Christmas & Birthdays. I started off with a home business before turning to blogging making and selling personalised glitter glasses. If you have an eye for detail and are creative, try your hand at making a business out of selling these beautifully decorated glasses.
Source: My Paper Craze

2. Wooden Letter Keepsake
This particular DIY is one of my favorite to create a home business from because the options are endless. These wooden letters can be painted, decoupaged, glittered, added to a canvas, covered in fabric, have embellishments surrounding it, have a name over or under it and so much more! If you were to start a home business from this, you could expand your range to include lots of options including different crafting methods.
*Note: The source for this DIY is not an instructables but a UK based business. Please search ‘DIY wooden letter’ for different options and ways of creating these keepsakes.
Source: Painted With

3. Gold Dot Champagne Flutes
This DIY is a perfect addition for a home business selling handmade items or a wedding supply business. It would also be a great addition to the glitter glasses (see 1.) should you decide you want to start a business making and selling decorated glasses.
Source: Blog Lulus

4. Gold Leaf Succulent Pots
These gorgeous succulent pots would make the perfect home business idea for the business owners wanting to add a little something upcycled, colorful and different to their product lines. This would be the perfect product to sell in a handmade business, an upcycled business or even in a gifts and hamper business.
Source: Miss Renaissance

5. Apple Tree Cups
Following in the same footsteps as a gift/hamper or upcycled business, these Apple Tree Cups would be the perfect addition. These could be sold to a varied audience, mainly focusing on the children who attend halloween parties or the children who wish to give their teachers a Teacher Appreciation Gift at the end of the schooling year.
Source: Saved By Love Creations

6. Cupcake Take Along
If you are a fan of the cake making industry but don’t know how to cook them, you could start up your very own cake supplies business and include these adorable little cake tote bags.
Source: Nichole Heady

7. Wipe Off Menu Board
Another adorable little handmade project for those already in a handmade business. This would target those busy and organised families and you could even add a Reminder Board to your range.
Source: Make and Takes

8. Fabric Keychains
If it’s one thing i wish i knew how to do, it was sew. These adorable little Key chains would have been first on my list and added into my store of other handmade and sewn items.
Source: Craftiness is not Optional

9. Phone Case Stand
Another unique handmade goodie to add to a business or create a business from is these gorgeous fabric phone stands. If you love to read books on your phone, have hands free activated or even watch videos, then you should add this to your product line and convince your clientele of how absolutely wonderful they are! Watch the step-by-step video tutorial linked below.
Source: Made by Marzipan

10. Confetti Tumblrs
If you are considering starting up a hire lolly buffet business, why not be unique and decorate your tumblrs? You can have a variety of decorations to match selected party themes and even make custom themed tumblrs to suit your clients. Excellent idea!
Source: Radical Possibility

11. Custom Candle Covers
If you wish to follow your heart into the candle industry and want to be different, replace your candle color chips for paper! Not only are you able to customize your candle completely, but you can also personalize them with photos and wording and the best part is that this tutorial shows you a way to do it in which your paper wont burn.
Source: Fancy Little Things

12. Fabric Stamps
These cute fabric stamps would be the perfect addition for a business starting up and specializing in handmade children’s items. You can add these to clothing for difference or even create a fabric envelope and attach Velcro to the back of the stamps to create a unique play toy and teach a child about posting letters.
Source: Nana Company

13. One Stitch Mug Cosy
This One Stitch Mug Cosy would be a perfect addition for any handmade and crochet business. This cosy is stylish and easy to make (for those who know how to crochet that is).
Source: Joann

14. Cabochon Necklace

Did you know that you can create beautifully decorate jewelry from paper (or fabric), ribbon, hot glue and a few clear cabochons. This DIY will show you how to make a beautiful piece of Jewelry that you may wish to create a home business from. Affordable start up and completely customized designs.
Source: wholesalersusainc

15. Sharpie Mug
This idea is one of my personal favorites because of the simple and easy nature of this particular craft. Easy to make, designs based completely on your artistic skill or handwriting and the options of completely personalized. Starting a business using these alongside our confetti tumblrs, glitter glasses and gold dot champagne flutes would go off with a bang!
Source: Popsugar

16. Baby Photo Blocks
I have come across a few successful businesses that specialize completely in handmade and hand decorated baby blocks. It seems as though the Parents, Grandparents & Aunts and Uncles around the world love personalized baby blocks as nursery decor or home decor.
Source: Plaid Online

17. Rainbow Nesting Owls
These little owls would really suit a handmade business that likes to sell little bits and pieces or create children’s play sets. For the free pattern on these colorful creatures and many other patterns, click the source below.
Source: Moji Moji Design

18. Shabby Chic Chair
One of my old friends runs their very own upcycled business with huge success, and i think that running a business in this industry not only shows clients your potential but shows that you love taking old things and making them new again. With this tutorial on how to upcycle a chair, you will have your diary booked out with orders for months!
Source: Girl in the Garage

19. Candy Pencil Case
As you have probably noticed, i am a major fan of up-cycling. This candy pencil case would be the most popular pencil case in the school yard and if you can successfully add this to your products, i believe you will have children nagging their parents to purchase one.
Source: Tastebook

20. Book Clutch
If you can pull of making a book clutch, you are going to be the coolest business in town! These clutches will hold your phone, credit cards and keys and can possibly replace your handbag completely. Not to mention, they are very stylish and unique.
Source: Caught on a Whim

If you have successfully started a home business from any of the DIY’s listed above, please let us know in the comments how its working out for you. 

Girls Night Out Beauty Box

Hoyts Australia and The Parcel have teamed up to bring you Girls Night Out. A night out for females around Australia which includes an exclusive screening, Beauty Box & the latest Who Magazine.

May 2015 Beauty Box
My first experience of Girls Night Out was the movie Aloha. Although the movie was very lighthearted, i thoroughly enjoyed it and the story line. It was a very realistic movie with a happy ending that was not what you would typically expect. The Beauty Box was given to us before the movie and consisted of cosmetics by Designer Brands. I was surprised to find that the quality of these cosmetics was fantastic as i had never heard about this company before.

The Beauty Box

The cosmetics in this box consisted of eyeliner, nail polish, nail polish remover, eyebrow fluff & lip balm. The cosmetics are not tested on animals which makes them more appealing to a wider audience.

DB Extend A Brow-$12.99
The silky fibers of the DB Extend A Brow gave my eyebrow the perfect defined but natural look without giving the impression that i had colored in my eyebrows or drastically drawn them on.

DB Nail Polish– $7.99
The nail polish went on smoothly, without leaving any clumpy bits as the brush was the perfect size for my fingernails. The color nail polish was vibrant and bright and stayed the same for 2 weeks.

DB Instant Nail Polish Remover– $5.99
This product comes in the perfect sized bottle for your fingers to easily dip in and out. The nail polish remover itself works surprisingly quickly and is perfect for those who need to remove their nail polish and fast.

DB Retractable Pencil Eyeliner– $7.99
The thing i love the most about this eyeliner is that it retracts back into the pencil to keep the tip of it or sides smudging on the lids and making the pencil blunt. The color of the eyeliner was bold and easy to apply with the bonus of it lasting for the entire day and not smudging under my eyes like other eyeliner products.

July 2015 Beauty Box
After attending the first Girls Night Out, i couldn’t help myself and had to go back for a second and watch an exclusive screening for Magic Mike XXL. I have to admit that the movie did not fail to impress, because who doesn’t love Channing Tatum or Joe Manganiello or their rippled abs. The movie was filled with lots of comedy that i forgot that i was even watching a movie about a stripper, until they took their shirts off of course.

The Beauty Box

This beauty box contained a variety of different brands and products making it more appealing and exciting.

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer (100ml) – $5.99
My favorite product from this box is the Jergens Ultra Healing moisturizer which left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I use it every night and wake up to find my hands aren’t as sore and cracked from the moisture during winter and i don’t have as many skin tags on my fingers to worry about.

Spot Medic– $14.95
The Spot Medic acne spots did not reduce my pimples however i was surprised to find out that they work in reducing the redness and swelling on them and making it much easier to hide with concealer. This product would definitely come in handy for those red and swollen pimples that you desperately need to cover.

Lemongrass Eco Soap– $2.99
The Eco Soap smelt and felt amazing, and was in fact one of the first things that hit me when i opened the box. The lemongrass scent is in-explainable and is definitely worth investing in. The best part is that the soaps are designed to nourish your skin without removing the protective oils.

Nourish Soap Free Wash (100ml)–  $3.95
My Pocket sized nourish hand wash has not left my handbag and is the perfect accessory for the change rooms (yes i am mum) for a quick hand wash and then on the go again. It is available in 3 different sizes, and is perfect for those with eczema as well.

The next exclusive screening for Girls Night Out is Trainwreck on the 29th July 2015. To book your tickets and be sure you don’t miss out, click here.

If you have a product you would like Day By May to review, please contact us at to discuss further.

What do the Semicolon Tattoo’s mean?

Recently i have been seeing semicolon tattoos all through my news feed and all over social media which got me to wondering what they are.
After some extensive research, i discovered Project Semicolon.

What is Project Semicolon?
Project Semicolon is a faith based, non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury.

The tattoos and drawings that you see on peoples wrist all over the internet are those of survivors. Those who overcame their demons, battled their addictions, held on and decided to live, and are now making a statement to remind themselves and everyone else around them that they are strong and they survived. That they defied all odds and built up and insane amount of courage to move forward. And that takes a lot of strength and will.

For more information about Project Semicolon, please click here.
To view a wide arrange of Semicolon tattoo’s and designs, please click here. 

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.” 

Winter Inspiration

PicMonkey Collage

There is nothing better than creating a little pin board of winter inspiration to remind you of how cold this last week has been.

Billabong Girl Gang Beanie- Silver Fox RRP: $35.99
Source: SurfStitch

Teva Womens Figueroa WP Boot RRP: $130
Source: Google Shopping

Hooded Army Green Trench Coat RRP $65.75-$75.94/piece
Source: DHgate

Billabong Suki Scarf- Cool Wip RRP: $39.99
Source: SurfStitch

Solid Handbag with Leopard Interior Detachable Bag RRP: $42.91
Source: Jolly Chic


Arlec 2000W Stainless Steel Freestanding Fireplace Heater RRP: $125.50
Source: Bunnings