My Daily Beauty Routine

As a female, one of the hardest things to come across is the perfect make-up brands to suit your skin and look. I started wearing make-up at the age of 16 and now at 23, i’ve found the products i keep going back to and claiming them as favorites. All of these listed products are available Australia Wide and can even be tested at most of your local Big W, Target, Kmart, Woolworths & Priceline stores before purchasing.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse: Classic Ivory Light
This foundation is one of my all time favorites. After years of using oil based foundations and having them affect my skin with breakouts, i decided to ditch liquid foundations altogether. I came across Maybellines DREAM MATTE Mousse and after the first attempt of using it, i have never looked back or changed my foundation product again.

I personally use the Classic Ivory Light 2 color as i have very pale skin. The foundation is applied easily using my hands and has a fluffy texture and sticks to my skin well. After using this product, my skin has stayed clear and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new foundation product. This particular product can be found at Target, Big W, Woolworths, Kmart and Priceline stores around Australia.
Source: Priceline

Face of Australia HD High Definition Stick Foundation
After i apply my Mousse Foundation, i like to use the HD High Definition Foundation Stick by Face of Australia. I use this as a concealer to cover the bags under my eyes, my pores and to shape my face. The HD stick lives up to its name and gives your face a high definition photo ready look.
Source: Face of Australia

BYS Rotational Eyshadow Palette
Once my foundation & concealer are applied, i then like to work on my eyes. I use the BYS Rotational Eyshadow Palette and like to stick with purples and browns to bring out my eyes as they are hazel in color. I mostly like to use purple as it is dark and defines my eyes better.

Firstly, i use the dark purple in the crease of my eye to shape it and bring my eyelids forward. The middle shade of purple is then used on my lid and after applied, the light almost white purple is added over the top as a shimmer and added to the corners of my eyes and under my eyebrows.
Source: Fashion Addict

Rimmell Scandal Eyes Mascara

When i first discovered make-up at the age of 16, i wasn’t a big fan of mascara. Instead i would use my eyeliner to define the lashes on my eyes by coloring under my eyelid at the top and bottom. After i turned 22, i found Rimmells Scandal Eyes Mascara, and again have never looked back.

This Mascara defines your eyelashes and makes them look dark, long and thick. My eyelashes are naturally short and light so this product definitely does its job by elongating my eyelashes. I apply this to my upper and lower lashes for a better effect.
Source: Rimmell London

Maybelline Master Liner

The best kind of eyeliners are the twist pencils. Before i started using Maybelline Master Liner, i had a cheap pencil liner that had a plastic lid. The issue with using the pencils that have lids is the eyeliner gets crushed, smudged and blunt when constantly taking off and putting back on the lid. The twist pencils however, have a lid but twist right down back into themselves to protect the shape of the end of the eyeliner and i love the idea!

When applying this eyeliner, i close my eyes and draw a line across the top of my lid closest to my lashes. This makes my eyes look somewhat smokey and bigger. Then i add it to the bottom of my eyelid and my eye make-up then helps with making my eyes bigger and more awake.
Source: Maybelline

Sugar Baby Ticket to Beauty Bronzer Palette
I was given a Bronzer Palette for Christmas last year called Sugar Baby. I like to use the blushes in the palette to define my cheekbones as they are the perfect color to go with my make-up and skin tone. I have only recently discovered blush and wish i had of discovered it earlier as it thins out my face and gives it color.
Source: Sugar Baby

And that is my daily Beauty Routine. My night routine involves lots of moisuriser and spot medics but that is for another blog post.

What are your favorite Beauty Products? Are they available Australia Wide? Please leave your comments in the section below. 


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